Ellen Truijen


Ellen Truijen lives and works in Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands. She was born in Boxtel in 1976. After secondary school she studied clothing and fashion in Weert, after which she enrolled in the academy of visual arts in Maastricht. She graduated in 2000.

SIGNATURE: Keywords for Truijen’s designs are timelessness, sobriety and simplicity. Bags made of beautiful leather varieties, often with rectangular shapes and fitting names. They are well thought through and have a surprising simplicity. They always have the characteristic two leather straps, creating multiple wearing options. All detailing is functional – but Truijen’s designs are desirable nonetheless for their edgy elegance and emphasis on the varying leather qualities used. Made from soft goatskin to rough suede, these are bags stripped down to their bare essentials. The muted colour palette makes it easy to pair them with any outfit. Arm candy for men and women who like practical, minimalist designs to highlight their personal style.